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Question Title Cleansing Your House of Negative Energy

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Traditional Spiritual House Cleansing
This is the traditional practice of "smudging" a home to get rid of negative energy. Smudging does not remove Ghosts or Negative Spirits, if you need help with Spirit removal contact me for a remote removal it is by donation starting at $5.
Colleen Morgan Spiritual Medium, and Minister 949-870-9331 text or call me for an appointment.

Crack a window in each room of your home and take a dried bundle of sage
(available here) and "smudge" your home clearing out any negative or stagnant energies. Smudging is simply lighting the sage bundle, then blowing the flame out so it just smokes...making sure you have a safe receptacle to catch the ashes in, and walking around your entire home allowing the smoke to circulate and cleanse the energy and space.

Being firm and unemotional, walk around each room of your home, while saying loudly and firmly, "This sage is cleansing out all negative energies only positive can come in my home." Ask AA Michael to help you with this cleansing and purification.

Do this until you sense the negative energy has gone and the room's energy lightens (to a positive - look for peacefull feeling) and then say, "In the name of God/Creator/Buddah, this room is now

Remember not to worry about how you sound if you stumble on your words. The main thing is your intent, which is your faith. You have power and have nothing to fear. Your intentions are to rid the home of negative energies. Always work with your own energy from within your soul and incorporate this energy into the cleansing. Draw your divine power from within
your innermost being ask God and the Angels to help you with this.

You should always use caution when burning sage and keep a bowl, or shell with water with you to put it out. Feathers can also be used to sweep the negative energy out too.

That's it you have now cleansed your home of negative energy!

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