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Question Title Trigonic Quartz Crystal

Trigonics - from Jane Ann Dow (Excerpt) from the Trigonic Connection

The Trigonic is clearly the crystal of soul level realization, not only of soul level healing. It takes you on a journey to your super conscious self, the place of true neutrality where there is no judgment, only the wisdom encoded into the triangles which has been amassed by your physical experience. These triangles in the outer light body flow in both directions and are filled with light and information.

Those traveling outward take the physical experience to the Over soul, those coming in bring us the light and wisdom of the universe, to feed our minds and sustain our souls. This is the key to the Trigonic crystal, putting us in contact with our own coding and opening the doorway to our
super conscious self. All of this occurs only when we are prepared to take in the high vibrational energy and information required to take us to the next step of our enlightenment. This is why the Trigonic is not placed among my other healing stones or even within sight of them. Only when a client has experienced a major shift of consciousness does the session call for the
kind of ceremony the Trigonic vibration initiates. Then I will use the Trigonic and have the client hold it for as long as it takes to set their journey into motion. As the corridor of light opens to new awareness and energetic frequency, the new patterns of consciousness is set.

True to the nature of the Trigonic, there are three uses for this crystal: creating the shamanic journey of the soul to set new patterns of consciousness, assisting in the transition of a soul at the time of death, and welcoming a new soul to the planet. There are very few Trigonics available at this time. For those of you who are fortunate enough to find one, you have been chosen to act as a guardian of their sacred energy. Trigonics should be set apart from other healing stones so that they are not selected as a scenario stone. It is your intuition and agreement with your Trigonic that will determine whether the client is ready for the high vibrational energy and rites of passage the Trigonic creates. Trigonics like to be wrapped in a natural cloth and seem to prefer red! The only assumption I can make about this is that red is the color of the seeding of consciousness energy center in our physical body. This is the center most effected by the Trigonic vibrations. The coding of information in the many triangle formations has been silent since earth-time began. Now, with the presence of Trigonic crystals, we must be ready for the emergence of the crystal journey to our Soul.

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