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Question Title Healing How to Work with Your Crystals/Stones
Healing with Crystals & Stones.

To Begin Healing with your crystals find a quiet peaceful place you can sit, or lay down so you can totally relax and feel comfortable. When you have a particular problem take a few minutes to think about and define the problem then gaze deeply into your crystal. Just allow your thoughts to come and go as your mind stills you may find a solution if not when you end the meditation just let the problem go quite often a solution will pop into your head later .

Hold Your Crystal feel the energy flow, you can hold as shown above or hold with both hands. Your hands can become hot this is very good and lets you know the healing energy from the crystal is flowing into them. If you do not feel this warmth follow the energy exercise below, which can be practiced over and over until you can feel this energy.

Exercise: (this is done without your crystal) Sit comfortably hold your hands palms facing each other in front of you without touching. Clap your hands together once and rub them vigorously together they will become hot with the friction, when they do stop & hold them 1/4" to a 1/2" inch apart you should be able to feel the heat they are generating. See how far apart you can move them and still feel this heat.

Next hold your hands about a foot 12" apart palms facing as before now bring your palms together SLOWLY paying close attention to the heat and slight resistance as they come closer. STOP when you can feel this heat and energy. Imagine there is a ball of energy between them,  this energy is what is used in healing with the crystals.

Energy sensitivity should be higher after this exercise, hold your crystal again and see if now you can feels its energy.

Placing the Crystals/Stones directly on the body: You can place the crystals and stones directly on the body on the Chakras or right on where you need the healing.

Meditating or just laying there relaxing with them is very
benefitial. You can place around where you spend most of your time.

Take your smaller Crystal/Stone with you in your pocket.

Wearing Crystal and Stone jewelry is great for all day healing and or protection.

There are many ways to use the crystals and stones please see our book section for recommended books on working with Crystals & Stones.

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