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Colleen Morgan
Spiritual Medium, Minister
& Founder

Tamara Jones
Spiritual Medium, Minister
& Lead Investigator

One of our favorite evidence photos: Queen Mary Pool Room Apparition of a Child's Scull over QM security staffs head, Long Beach CA
Click here for larger image and Info.
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Welcome to OC Paranormal Research and Investigations located in Orange County California. After a lifetime of experiencing paranormal activity of all types, we founded this group to gather evidence, and to help those experiencing paranormal events. We conduct safe, confidential and discreet professional paranormal research for our clients, as well as house cleansing's for individuals experiencing Spirit (aka Ghost) activity in their homes or businesses. This web site also provides information about everything ghost hunting from equipment to type of hauntings.

We believe the more you know about the paranormal the less frightening it becomes. Some hauntings are just relatives visiting from the other side, our personalized psychic investigatons can determine this, or if your house needs a energy and spiritual cleansing. Cleansings and removals we can do remotely anywhere in the WORLD this service is included with the purchase of supplies from us (see below).

In-person on site ( in home or business) investigations, counseling and Spirit removals we charge a nominal fee that includeds all the supplies needed. These can take up to three hours depending on activity and square footage.

We also offer group and individual psychic mediumship readings and past life readings for a per reading fee, you may request this service during your on site house cleansing appointment.


GOT GHOSTS? If you need help with paranormal events/ or strange happenings in your home or workplace and would like some answers, please contact us. We can identify what is present, determine the type of haunting and the source and then cleanse, and clear the property of all spirits and negative energies.

Please Contact us at 949-870-9331, we will contact you by phone and answer any questions about your experiences and if needed and to set up an investigation for you.


What is House Cleansing and Clearing?
Unlike most paranormal investigation teams, who tell you your house IS haunted then leave you there without actually really helping you. We remove all spirits and negative energy before concluding our visit.

We investigate to determine what exactly is going on, then if requested we cleanse and bless your house and move on any spirits present. This is done by Colleen and Tamara who have over 18 years experience and are Spiritual Mediums and Ordained Ministers. Not all paranormal activity is spirit activity, and we can suggests ways, if not spirit, to fix your environments energy to promote a safe relaxed place for you to live or work.

For a Cleansing anywhere in the World purchase your own White Candle, any size, and our House Cleansing Kit HERE for $14.99 ( Kit includes all you need with instructions to set up for your appointment ) and we will remotely bless and move on any spirits in your home once you receive your kit in the mail. It takes about ONE Hour for Appointment set up ahead of time.

We will set up with your help, a special protection grid so that you will be free from further spirits entering your home. Too many of our clients have paid hundreds to thousands of dollars to have Failed Cleansings by " Experts" to just have more spirits come in after the cleansing. We make sure you are protected and educated on how to keep your home free of negative energy. The Spirit release techniques we use have been perfected over 30 years by an Expert in the field who we mentored over a year with just learning removal techniques. We guarantee our work.

Paranormal Investigator Protection and House Cleansing Kit from Mountain Gems & Healing Crystals


This Kit has All you need to carry with you on your next Paranormal Adventures so you don't carry anything home with you!
Protection Kit comes with a two of the most protective tumbled stones available they have been used for thousands of years for protection and talisman:
Smoky Quartz &
Black Tourmaline

Sea Salt, and Selenite

White Sage
for Cleansing and Clearing houses for people plagued with unwanted spirits and can be usd before Ghost Hunting to protect your home and self from negative energy at anytime.


Photo Evidence! Rancho Camulos Investigation
Pico CA Figure in window.
Click Here to see more evidence we captured there!


Rancho Camulos has a long history but is most famous for it's role in the book "Ramona". Many people have died there. There is a cemetery, winery, and chapel on the grounds as well as the main house where this photo was taken. The photo in the photo is the original family. We captured a robed figure peeking out from a doorway in the next building there was no person there!

Rancho Camulos spirit fugure

Rancho Camulos Ghost Figure
Enlargement of area from photo on left..
All you need for Crystal Protection during Paranormal investigations, Pendants and Sage to Clear houses of negative energy/spirits.

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