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Lemurian seed crystals are an anomaly of nature. They are found loose in sand banks not in clusters as quartz is customarily found. These were collected at a mountain top location in Brazil & Peru. All the Crystals are from Brazil unless otherwise stated. (Our Peruvians are white, white crystals)


Metaphysically speaking, these unique crystals are excellent to use for channeling work. They are said to have been left by an advanced ancient civilization known as the Lemurians. They were imbued with a message of equality and unconditional love. Unlike mentally based modern societies, Lemuria is said to have been a civilization whose consciousness was centered upon spiritual and emotional dimensions. The striated edges of these crystals are said to hold the Lemurian knowledge left for future generations to contemplate. Hold one in your hand and gently rub the striated or grooved surface while meditating. They are excellent for chakra clearing & balancing, and
for dream work.

Our Crystals come with Color Info Cards and Velvet Pouches (when possible)
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Large Lemurians from Peru Amazing Energy !


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