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Fluorite Healing Properties


Fluorite Tumble

Fluorite (also called fluorspar) is the mineral form of calcium fluoride. It belongs to the halide minerals. Fluorite is a colorful mineral, both in visible and ultraviolet light. One of nature’s most powerful mental healers. Those whom have experienced the power of Fluorite have labeled it “the genius stone”. It has the ability to influence the activities that occur on the mental plane of conscience. It amplifies focuses, expands and creates new pathways within the mind. A protective mineral, especially on a psychic level, that protects against computer and electro-magnetic stress. It is used for spiritual awakening, increases concentration. Said to repair DNA damage, and aid with arthritis and rheumatism disorders.

Clear fluorite enhances serenity and strengthens consciousness. It helps one to live in the moment without a sense of spiritual emptiness. It also guards against psychic attack. Used to align all the Chakras.

Purple Fluorite opens objectivity; clears the way for new things, uplifting, aura cleansing, eyesight, sinuses; repels colds. Enhances other gems. It strengthens mystic sight, spiritual truth. It diminishes spiritual and psychic confusion. Used for the Crown Chakra for knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection and bliss.

Green Fluorite opens heart, Stills mind and heart, harmonizes and recharges the heart Chakra. It promotes healing on all levels of a being, and shrinks problems with self-love. Used for the Heart Chakra to love deeply, feel compassion and sense of peace.

Blue fluorite is a protector of the emotions. In instances where one is feeling overwhelmed or confused it helps restore emotional balance. Karmic impasses resolution and atonement relieved. Used for the Brow Chakra for seeing clearly, insight, opens psychic abilities, and the ability to use the “third eye” to see the bigger picture.

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