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I have gotten so many emails asking about making gem elixirs. The Internet has so many misinformation sites about this subject. As a mineralogist, I have learned many stones and crystals can be toxic if ingested, arsenic, Chromium and other highly toxic minerals that when used in healing are safe, but are toxic when drinking water with them. That defeats the whole purpose of healing elixirs. 

Here is a great way to make elixirs and crystal essences without the risk of toxins:

I recommend creating gem elixirs using what is called the indirect method, and I outline it below. This method is the safest for all crystal types because the elixir waters do not come in direct contact with the stones used. The direct method -- where the stones are placed directly in the water -- can be potentially dangerous if the stones used have components that may be toxic. Personally, I prefer to avoid creating potential health issues by using only the indirect method, as it seems contrary to the point of bringing in beneficial energies.

To prepare, you will need:

  • The crystal(s) whose energies you want to imbue the elixir with
  • Optionally, additional crystals of the same type(s( or quartz crystals to assist with charging the elixir
  • Two clean glass or food-safe glazed ceramic containers that fit one inside the other with some room between the smaller container and the larger one (A glass bowl and a smaller sealable glass bottle or jar that will hold the crystals work well.)
  • Two clean, dark colored glass bottles, dark blue or brown work well. one larger and one smaller for the finished crystal essence
  • A clean glass dropper - Either to fit the smaller bottle, or it can be separate.)
  • Spring water or distilled water. Some prefer rain water they have collected.
  • Vinegar (any variety) as a preservative and to “fix” the crystal vibrations
  • A calm, centered state of mind
  • Sunlight, moonlight or a dedicated sacred space - This may be outdoors or in a window that gets sun or moon light, or it may be on your personal altar or other sacred space.

To make the elixir:

  • Clear the crystals you will be using. You may also charge them if you wish.
  • Take your prepared crystals and other items to the place you will make the elixir.
  • Center yourself and clear your mind of concerns as much as possible. Prayer, breath techniques or meditation can help with this.
  • State your intent for the elixir out loud. Ask the Divine and the crystals themselves for assistance with making this elixir for the highest good of all concerned.
  • Place the larger container you will be using to charge the water with the crystal energy where you will be creating the gem elixir.
  • Place the crystal(s) in the smaller glass container. Seal it if possible. (Alternately, the larger container can hold the crystals and the smaller container the elixir -- just reverse the instructions about the containers below if you wish to do it that way.)
  • Place the smaller container in the larger container. Be sure the smaller container is stable and will not fall over.
  • Carefully pour as much water into the larger container s you can without allowing any of the water to get into the smaller container.
  • Optional: Arrange the additional crystals or quartz crystals around the outside of the container, pointing in toward the container.
  • State your intent and ask for divine guidance and crystal assistance again, for the highest good of all concerned.
  • Leave the containers in the sunlight, moonlight or sacred space for four or more hours.
  • Afterward, remove the inner container and carefully pour the charged water from the larger container, called stock or mother essence of the gem elixir, into the larger of your bottles, filling it halfway.
  • Fill the bottle the rest of the way with the vodka or vinegar for preservative and seal it.
  • Add a small portion of the preserved mother essence gem elixir to the smaller bottle for immediate use. You can use using spring or distilled water if desired to dilute it or you may use it straight.
  • Thank the Divine and the crystal(s) for helping create this elixir.
  • Clean everything used and store safely for future use. You may dispose of the water the crystals were in using any safe method.

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