The Azez

Gentle Beings of Water and Light!
By: Celestine Aldwyn Psyche

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The Azez Gentle, Peaceful, Highly Evolved Race of beings, at one with the Universe. The Azez followed a pure white light path governed by the Angel Azariel*, guardian of the waters of life. Azariel protects all bodies of water on earth and throughout the universe.

Drawn to our water planet, the Azez came here eons ago to leave us their teachings in Azeztulite Quartz crystals.They also graced us with the protection of the Angels. These crystals, empowered with the pure white light energy of the great white light stream, are here to guide us on our own light path journeys.

The Azez, beings of water and light have many vital things to teach us. One of the most important is that Everything is Connected, Energy never Dies, every bit of it Transforms! One dimension to the next. One reality to the next. All is beautiful and protected in the white light. The Azeztulite Quartz Crystals from North Carolina USA, are beautiful in their own energy, and teachings they hold..

There are so many accounts of people being clinically dead, traveling towards the light, only to be pulled abruptly back into this reality because their work here was not finished.

This is the same light that the Azez and the Angels are traveling in. This Light has no time or space as we know it. No simple dimension it encompasses all dimensions, all planes of being.

Using the energy from the crystals is said to help develop our visionary or psychic abilities. Enlightenment is a journey, best taken with guidance. These Amazing Crystals are said to help guide us there.

In the White Light Everything is important from the tiniest subatom, to the largest spiral galaxy, all energy is transforming, evolving and changing. Everything in time and space is a part of us, as we are of them.

I have used this amazing crystal countless times. A word of caution to those, like myself, that are sensitive and have a psychic gift. I suggest using a grounding stone such as hematite or a grounding crystal to anchor you to this world and dimention. Limit meditation sessions until you become aware of how this powerful crystal worlks with you.

Once, having established your sensitivity or tolorance, using them can open a whole new world for you. Held with Angelite is can help to establish contact with your guardian angel, and the Angelic realms. When Meditating ask for guidance from the Angel Azariel . This Angel has close contact with the Azez and many say that channeling the Azez is helped by contacting Angels first and asking for guidance.

Use with Dream Quartz and place under your pillow at night to enhance prophetic dreaming.

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*Reference Angel Azariel from "A Dictionary Of Angels" by the late Gustav Davidson
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