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About Us

About Us

I love crystals! I love having them around me, I love wearing them, and I love working with them to help my mind, body and spirit be well, and to help me manage my autoimmune diseases.

I don't have to take any medication for my ailments anymore ( the meds can actually kill me using them long term )  although the actual disease isn't fatal. It is my opinion that most of us are highly over medicated by the medical community. Many of the prescription drugs are more harmful than the diseases themselves!

Some things do need medications, that can't be controlled with natural ways. That's ok, but for my chronic pain and inflammation and my own immune system attacking my nerves and joints to the point I was walking with a cane, I needed to try a different route. Most of the meds prescribed for me made me sicker.  I was able to use crystals and stones to help my body be well. It's not hard to do, or any kind of secret. You don't have to have special training to heal yourself. You have all the power to help your body, mind, and spirit to heal and be well. 

Included with every order are easy to follow directions to help you on your road to healing. 



Through meditation, using crystals to hold my intent of healing, and remembering that my body wants to be well! I am able to do things I never thought would be possible again! I go horseback riding, paint, go dancing and none of this was possible when I was suffering while taking so many meds to control my Rheumatoid arthritis and RSD ( Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy ).  With the help of my very before his time Doctor, I weaned myself off my meds and began searching for alternate hebal supplements, diets and biofeedback therapy. I am responsible to do everything possible to help my body heal itself.  It's a holistic treatment, diet, meditation, positive thinking, and using crystals and stones for healing.

I believe in a holistic approach, you can't chain smoke, ingest mass quantities of alcohol or drugs daily, be a negative person then expect your body to magically heal by itself!!! It doesn't work that way. 

You have to help it to heal. You have to make a commitment, do all that you can to be well. Stop relying on doctors to heal you.  Take time out of your day to meditate, use the stones and crystals and make as many good healthy eating and positive energy choices you can make. None of us are perfect and it takes a long time ( at least 30-90 days ) to have good habits of self care and healing, replace bad habits that harm us.  

I started selling crystals because they helped me so much. I was fortunate to have a doctor that was wise and told me my body will naturally heal itself WITHOUT medication,  and my body will naturally if I let it learn how to cope with a painful nerve disease. He was right, and he saved my life. He had me go to biofeedback therapy where I learned to meditate, and he also suggested I watch how my body reacts to foods. I now do what's called a paleo diet and it works for me. Red meat and Nightshade Vegetables were causing my immune system to attack my nerves and muscles. 

I used to go to a support group with people with RSD. I used to bring them Chakra Kits and tried to promote natural healing instead of all the oxycodone,  percocet and other pain medications they were taking and experience higher and higher pain levels, all their meds cause more pain, and harm the liver. They actually make pain much worse than if the body handles it itself. It was very hard watching the months go by and people with the exact disease I had, get worse and worse and most ending up in wheelchairs. Our bodies are made to control pain naturally, add pain meds and you start a cycle of more and more pain. Most of the people from that support group have passed away now, not from their nerve disease, but from the medication used to treat them. It didn't have to be that way. I saw first hand how pain meds took away their quality of life, made pain worse and eventually ended their life prematurely. 

I realized I had to do something to spread the word. Deaths from medication, taken long term for diseases and illnesses that could have been treated naturally and more successfully is not ok. It is the quality of day to day life that matters. People have a right to be well and help their body, mind and spirit feel better. Not all doctors know best, it's not their fault, they have only a few months of prescription drug medical training and they are bombarded by the drug companies to "push" their newest drugs. One doctor I had, I witnessed she received a cash incentive to keep switching my prescription from the drug company rep! How is that best for me? It did help me find a better doctor! We have to be responsible for our own health. I was lucky and eventually found a doctor that was open to alternative medicine. You should try to discuss alternative methods with your doctor. 



 "A 250 year old Oak Tree. That's me hugging it. I am medication free since 1995, I have RSD and Rheumatoid Arthritis and Degenerative Disc Disease, Fibromyalgia and have recovered from a severe traumatic brain injury ( was hit by a car as I was out walking). You would never know it!....  I feel great! I am very active and very rarely notice any pain". 

So that's why I'm selling these beautiful energy crystals and stones to help you on your journey to have a healthy Mind, Body and Spirit. Our minds are powerful tools and everything comes with directions on how to heal yourself, meditate and live a positive happy life. You can't do it wrong with my directions!


Light & Love

Colleen Morgan



About the Business: 

As a family run business, we have been operating and selling Mine Direct Azeztulite Crystals and other fine High Energy Minerals & Crystals since the early 1990's, and online since 1998. We are Mountain Gems & Healing Crystals Company. Our crystals are used by 1000's of people Worldwide. We believe in good quality for a great price in all the crystals we sell.

We get most of our crystals directly from the mines World wide and a few rarer ones, we get from dealers, but as always we try to get you the best prices for amazing quality crystals and stones.



Our crystals and stones are cleansed and ready to work for you. We offer information on how to cleanse , charge and use crystals and stones in healing meditation, intent etc. We also offer free email and text consultations to help you pick out the ones best for your needs.

Text to: 949-870-9331 (in the USA) or email: sales@azeztulite.com (International) for your Free Crystal & Stone consultation.

We are the first to bring Azeztulite to the online community. Azeztulite , which is one of our specialty crystals, are used in Healing, Meditation, Relaxation, De-stressing and more. Judy Hall, author of the "Crystal Bible", uses our Azeztulite in her healing classes in the UK. These Beautiful, Powerful, High Energy Azeztulite Crystals have only been handled by  a very few people. From the mine directly to you makes them very special. Each of our Azeztulite comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, purple pouch, and directions on how to use.

AZEZTULITE HISTORY: We began selling our Azeztulite back in early 1990's at local mineral shows, they were a big hit with the metaphysical community. We applied for the trademark for the name Azeztulite in 2007 ( AZEZTULITE trademark serial number of 77111367 filed with Trademarkia.com ). A publisher, who was planning on publishing his new book about Azeztulite also wanted to sell his inventory under that name, he was from Vermont. Contacted us and asked us to relinquish our filing so he could publish his book using the trademarked name. We agreed only if we could continue to sell our mine produced Azeztulite legally under this name, he agreed to our terms, so we gave up the trademark filing to him. The Author from Vermont has NEVER purchased any of our our mine direct Azeztulite, we offered to sell to him wholesale, but he said he had his own sources. 

Our Azeztulite has a wonderful very high vibrational energy. They are beautiful High Quality Quartz crystals. Azeztulite has always been a type of quartz. If you are very sensitive to energy, we suggest you use a grounding stone such as hematite, or tigers eye with your Azeztulite to balance and ground you so you don't experience light headedness and/or dizziness working with it.

To Cleanse and Recharge your Azeztulite or other crystals ( not fluorite, amethyst or other fading crystals) place it in the sun. The UV rays clear and charge it. You may also set them out on a full moon night.

Azeztulite crystals, like all other crystals and stones, will hold and amplify your intent. This is how they work as well as giving us the minerals they carry, much like why people wear copper bracelets the mineral absorbed through the skin.

We hope you enjoy our beautiful and powerful Azeztulite and other Fine Minerals and Crystals. Thanks so much for visiting our Family Run online store. Our team is excited to provide you with an impeccable online shopping experience and remains available to assist at any time. If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the content found within this website, please feel free to contact us via telephone or email and one of our experienced team members will get back to you right away. Again, thanks for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you in the future.


Light & Love,

The Morgan Family


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