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What is Azeztulite?

Azeztuliteā„¢ is the metaphysical name given to a type of quartz, from North Carolina, that has a very high vibrational energy. Similar to the Lemurians, these crystals are very special, because of the location where they were formed. The mine is near a ley line, and the magical, powerful energy of the Blue Ridge Mountains can be found in these crystals. We have been selling Azeztulite crystals, mine direct since 1991, family owned and operated.

AZEZTULITE HISTORY: We began selling our Azeztulite back in early 1990's at local mineral shows, they were a big hit with the metaphysical community. We applied for the trademark for the name Azeztulite in 2007 ( AZEZTULITE trademark serial number of 77111367 filed with Trademarkia.com ). A publisher, who was planning on publishing his new book about Azeztulite, also wanted to sell his inventory under that name, he was from Vermont. The author contacted us, and asked us to relinquish our filing so he could publish his book using the trademarked name. We agreed only if we could continue to sell our mine produced Azeztulite legally under this name, ( We are the only operating Azeztulite mine in NC ) he agreed to our terms, so we gave up the trademark filing to him. Please note: the Author from Vermont has NEVER purchased any of our our mine direct Azeztulite, we offered to sell to him wholesale, but he said he had his own sources.

Our Azeztulite has a wonderful very high vibrational energy. They are beautiful High Quality Quartz crystals. Azeztulite has always been a type of quartz. If you are very sensitive to energy, we suggest you use a grounding stone such as hematite, or tigers eye with your Azeztulite to balance and ground you so you don't experience light headedness and/or dizziness working with it.

Azeztulite.com is owned and operated by Mountain Gems & Healing Crystals Inc. a Family Owned and Operated business for over 20 years located in the USA. We still believe in old fashioned values and conducting business in an honorable way, where you the customer, is always our priority! We also own mountaincrystals.com where our online store is located. We sell on Amazon.com, under healingcrystals.net, azeztulite.com, and Mountain Crystal brands and AZEZTULITE Hand made store, ebay.com azeztulite_com.

Azeztulite Healing Properties

This amazing energy crystals are said to have the highest vibration in the mineral kingdom, next to Phenacite and Moldavite. Beautiful as well as powerful, Azeztulite crystals, help us to reach higher planes of awareness. Meditate with Azeztulite to reach a higher energy vibration needed to connect with our higher self, Spirit Guides and Angels. We have worked with Azeztulite in healing and energy work for years and have found all the properties are accurate.

Azeztulite Crystals are highly spiritual crystals and carry the gift of inner vision as well as connecting you to your abilities. Azeztulite has a very high and pure vibrational energy and is highly recommended for healing, Shamanic and spiritual journey. Using the energy from the Azeztulite crystals is said to help develop our visionary perception, help us connect with our Spirit Guides, Spiritual teachers, and our Angels. A Highly creative energy, works great for anyone in the arts connecting you to your creative energy source. De-stresses as well as removes negative energy and balances all the chakras at once! Past life trauma release and spiritual path visons are all available in this crystal.

Azeztulite raises our vibration. Place on the third eye, hold while meditating, wear or carry with you for all day cleansing. Place in the sun to recharge and cleanse. If you are highly sensitive, we suggest that they be used with a grounding stone, such as hematite, carnelian or black tourmaline to avoid being overwhelmed by the white light energy that Azeztulite possesses until you get used to it.

Azeztulite cleanses and heals all Chakras. This crystal is great for light workers and healers or anyone just wanting to heal themselves. Helps to fight depression, anxiety, learn patience and trust. It is easy to work with and gives a feeling of white light and beauty in everything you see when holding this wonderful crystal. It is connected directly to our source, opening us up to this powerful energy.

All our Azeztulite is mine direct, only a few people have handled them. We make sure they are energy cleansed and charged and programmed to work for you. Also Great for working with the Angels and your Spirit Guides. With every Azeztulite Crystal purchased from us you will receive, a certificate of authenticity, and color healing properties cards, complete directions on how to heal with it, manifest, and release trauma. It's easy to work with you can't do it wrong!
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