Azeztulite are Powerful Crystals from North Carolina

Use Azeztulite for:

Energy Work

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Our Azeztulite Features

Raise Your Vibration

When meditating with, and carrying Azeztulite it naturally raises your vibration to a higher frequency.

Amazing Energy

Created by Mother Nature, deep within the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Our Azeztulite has a very special magical energy of this region.

Certificate of Authenticity

All of our Azeztulite products come with a Certificate of Authenticity from our mine.

Healing Property Cards

All Azeztulite come with a healing property card.

Free Consultations

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Easy to Follow Directions Included

Beginners to Experienced healers can benefit from our 20+ years teaching people how to work with our crystals. You can't do it wrong!

Ready for You!

We charge and cleanse the crystals so they are ready to work with you, just follow the directions on the info. card.

Ethical Mining

We only make a minimal impact on the environment at the mine location, no dynamite, strip mining or other environmentally harmful ways are used to extract these crystals.

and more...

The Azeztulite Crystals are found in veins of soft dirt within the caves.
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What Client’s Say

Amazing energy right out of the box! Thank you for the time you spent matching me with my Azeztulite soul twin crystal, we have not been separated since I received the package. Highly recommend, great customer service .
Kimberly Hartfied from Florida

Thank you for the lovely Azeztulite crystals, the energy was incredible, will be purchasing more for my classes .
Judy Hall, UK Author of "The Crystal Bible"